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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

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Mike (Ecosamurai) I'm curious what exercises in the Ki Society help develop the skills that the test you describe tests for?
The tests themselves are a learning tool in their own right. Trying to pass or fail them gives feedback on what you are doing, you do of course need a qualified instructor to talk to you about these things and explain to you what you need to be doing/feeling etc.. static drills aren't all that much use. My teacher said that when Tohei Sensei visitied the UK in the late 1980s someone there asked him the question: Can I ki test myself? Tohei's response was apparently to smile and say: "Of course not"

Amongst many many methods and exercises, there is also the Koichi Tohei warmup where you practice certain movements and exercises i.e. the rowing exercise and others. The tests assess your ability to do these things properly. Sadly there is no quick fix or shortcut you just have to feel it and practice it with an instructor who knows what they're doing. This is why I'm interested in the Akuzawa stuff that I've seen around lately, if he has a quicker method for teaching these things than I know of I would be fascinated to learn more about it.


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