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people don't think so or do they

quoting from Mr. Pranin : Aikido Journal editorial 1995

"...The answer lies in the nature of aikido as a martial art. Aikido bills itself, so to speak, as a martial art with a spiritual core. That is, beyond self-defense skills, aikido promises its followers a path through which they may "polish" their spirits in order to become better people. Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba even goes so far as to state that the main relevance of aikido in modern society is as a vehicle for developing better members of society more so than as a martial art, If one accepts this view--as I have come to over the years--then the character, integrity, and conduct of individuals, rather than their level of technical mastery, become the true measure of their stature in the art. ..."

[emphasis mine]

I think Aikido is about being better person, not better figher.
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