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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Lastly, let me point out, Mike, that if your "logic" (see #2) was really that good, you should be able to logically explain how many of the things in past discussions were done. That's what many of these threads were about. You say you can do them, so why not let's see your analyses of how they word, as you teach them?
I say I can do some of this stuff and know others who can do it all.

Mike then said:

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
A better example of, at core, the same thing would be to take a steady push to the chest and ground it. In reality, the "unbendable arm" is just a variant of that exercise, when done correctly. In fact, ALL of the ki demonstrations are, at core, variations of either that exercise or the "unliftable" exercise.... or a combination of the two. But watch out, I said that glibly and glossed over the fact that there are some sophisticated extensions of the 2 core demo's I just mentioned.
The steady push to the chest is done in this manner regularly and repeatedly in every Ki Soc derived dojo I have ever visited. At the beginning of the baseline skill thread you described such an exercise. Tohei describes and identical exercise in the book I cited at the beginning of this thread. I also agree with you completely about all the ki soc exercises being at their core about those two things. Actually at their core they are about four things:

Keep one point
Keep calm and relaxed
Keep weight underside
Extend Ki

Those four things are in fact only one thing because you can't properly do any one of them without doing the other three.

With regards to the push to the chest etc (what I'd probably refer to as the standing naturally ki test), it has, as with all ki soc tests got many different levels of skill and testing difficulty. May I ask you to describe which of these levels you have seen and tried in the Ki Soc derived dojo you've visited Mike? It would be helpful in dissecting this and determining if we really are just talking about the same thing here. Otherwise we'll just be going about this at cross purposes and probably start annoying each other.



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