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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Tim Fong wrote: View Post
Mike, in case you weren't already aware, Akuzawa will be in Europe for seminars very soon. I recommend that you go check him out. I think you'll find that what he's doing is of larger and more versatile application than the Ki Society work you are doing.

If , as you have said, what he is doing is basically the same as your Aikido training, you can have the satisfaction of coming back with a big "I told you so."

If not, then you'll have learned something.
Many people have made me aware of this already. I am not a member of the Ki Society and do not practice their stuff in the way they do it. My teacher can often be heard saying 'If you can use ki to do this technique why not a punch or a kick? Stands to reason you can use it in many ways'. I have seen one of my sempai accidentally get punched full force in the face and he didn't move an inch nor was he bothered by it in any way, I'm not there yet but that's what I'm aiming for

If Akuzawa is in Europe and he has a shortcut I'd definitely be interested in seeing it



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