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Ki Breathing Assistant

originally posted on the ki-info group

After the recent seminar in Lawrence with Kashiwaya Sensei several of us were joking around that we needed a metronome for KI breathing at home.

So we put together a small program to help with Ki breathing. Basically you can set the length of time in seconds for each breath,
and the length of time in minutes to breath. Also you can set an option to delay the first breath for a few seconds so you can get set. Also it comes with a recorded version of the breathing sticks clacking, but you can set your own sound. You need a sound card and
speakers to use it.

This is the first beta release so try it out and let me know what you think. I've tested it on Windows ME only. You can find it on articles web page, this is the Midland Ki Society web site in Shawnee KS.

If you're doing ki breathing, or any type of breathing exercise that normally uses clappers to time the breath length, this free download might be for you.

I've downloaded it to Windows 98 and it seems to work fine. This is sent in a zipped file, so you can use WinZip to install the program. If you need it, there is a link to WinZip on the download page.

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