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Re: Shihan vs Fighters

Very interesting topic, and one couldn't train in anything without considering it deeply. From my point of view it seems that many of the higher ranking Aikikai (as well as a few lower ranked) are students of the Art of War or Martial Art. (I know Aikido is also known as the Art of Peace).
I would have to believe that as an experienced student of such art they would not engage themselves in a direct confrontation with someone who is physically stronger, faster, albeit less experience. The Art of War suggest one to know their enemy. Sense we are talking about war and not a fight then we are talking about life and death. In that case I'd have to put the odds in favor of an experienced warrior. One who would kill by most effect means possible. By using deception and tactics to mislead and confuse an enemy.
However I do believe that the original poster is right. One on one in a ring with rules, judges, and an audience it makes since that the experienced MMA would have a better chance. I doubt though that any 60 year old master of Aikido would have any desire to do such a thing.

Thank you for reading,
Ryan Bertram
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