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Re: Shihan vs Fighters

Very good comment Budd!

on Personal Responsibility. As Eugene Levy Says: "". seriously though....I like the old saying "to thine own self be true".

On Beliefs: you mention attachment. A very key point, we form attachments or associations based on our experiences, which may or may not be reality. (Cognitive Dissonance).

Just a few hundred years ago many believed the earth was flat and you'd sail off the edge of it. Where they necessarily wrong? No, it was a unproven hypothesis at the time. However, it also did not mean they were right either! What we experience or hypothesize may not always be reality...again. Cognitive Dissonance...a very important concept I think wrt Martial arts.

Belonging: I think it his human to want/need to belong or identify with a group. Nothing wrong with that, however I agree with your point concerning "competence by association".

Again good points. This isn't sexy stuff that people want to discuss...but I think it is baseline skill that we must come to terms with in our studies if we want to grow in our understanding of the DO.

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