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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
I mean not the same but of equal worth in terms of internal skills. In other words the methods used to get you there are different but both are trying for the same stuff. Broadly speaking.

I strongly disagree. All roads do not lead to the same mountaintop; there are different mountain tops. Broadly, both sets of exercises develop the body. However, I think that the Aunkai exercises train a larger number of elements

In the case of the Aunkai exercises compared to the Ki Society exercises:

1. I have not seen any Ki Society people use their exercises to develop the ability to take full power shots to the body. I have seen this in Akuzawa's students.

2. I have not seen that the Ki Society exercises develop the ability to deliver disruptive kicks/punches/strikes. I have felt this from both Akuzawa and his students.

Frankly, (2) is quite obvious from the videos. Someone can chastise me here for "failing to produce proper evidence" that the strikes do what I say they do. We could have a lot of semantic nit-picking on the use of the term "disruptive." However, I'd like to remind people that nothing is settled by sterile internet debate.

This DOES NOT mean that internet forums are useless; rather, that they are useful as a GUIDE for people to track down interesting/novel training approaches. I don't post here/read here to "prove" anything, but as a means of finding hints or insights into my own training.

Mike, in case you weren't already aware, Akuzawa will be in Europe for seminars very soon. I recommend that you go check him out. I think you'll find that what he's doing is of larger and more versatile application than the Ki Society work you are doing.

If , as you have said, what he is doing is basically the same as your Aikido training, you can have the satisfaction of coming back with a big "I told you so."

If not, then you'll have learned something.
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