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Re: Shihan vs Fighters

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
The futility of this discussion is that no serious competitor in MMA is only going to train in one "style". That's right, not even BJJ (heck even in the early Vale Tudo/UFC matches, you could see the Gracies working bag drills and sparring with strikers)! So that whole thing is kind of a moot point.

Which then gets back to the real issue of why are you training and is your training meeting your needs (and are you meeting the requirements of your training)?

If you are meeting your goals (which are rarely static, they change - just like life) with your aikido training and being honest about what you're training in aikido -- what's the problem?
Yes i agree Budd. I personally ask this question all the time. Why are you training and is your training meeting your goals. That is really the essence of it. It is personal in nature.

For some reason we sometimes take a victim mentality toward training and hold these Shihan to very high expectations and then suck the living life out of them, hanging on every word that they say, looking for meaning even when it is not there.

Then we feel ripped off when for whatever reason our training does not meet our expectation, when in reality, we never bothered to define our expectations...we just went along on good faith that they were going to teach us "something", yet "something" was never defined!

I know I started MA training years ago, I didn't know why I did it other than it seemed like a good thing to do and it fit my personality. I fell into the same mind set of training and doing what I was told to do with expectations of enlightment or skill based on what my Shihan or instructors were teaching.

So, yes, I think the first question we have to come to grips with in our training is "why are we training?" Second, "is it meeting our goals".

It is a personal question for each one of us, one that we must hold ourselves responsible for, not some shihan or anyone else!

On a side bar. I think in the U.S. at least is that we culturally/socially have an issue with personal responsibility. tthis is an extention of this issue.

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