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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
*sigh* Mike, do you realize what you're conveying in your post?

Just as you have called Dan on lumping all Aikido people together, you have done the same thing in speaking for all Ki Society dojos. (Unless, of course, you've personally been to all of them and can vouch for them?)

Don't forget that you've watched a video of the Aunkai and determined that you know exactly what they're doing such that you can relate it to what you're doing. Eh? The Aunkai works on internal training, but from a video you can tell that "They are just using and practicing these skills in a different environment with different emphasis"?

Personally, It comes across as if you know exactly what Dan and Rob are doing without ever training with them. Not sure if that's what you are trying to convey.

No it wasn't what I was trying to convey, thank you for pointing that out, my apologies for the confusion. I did say that a Ki Soc dojo should be able to. Not that it definitely could. Nor do I speak in anyway for the Ki Society seeing as I am not a member of that organisation.

My opinion of Aunkai was however as valid as opinions of the founder of aikido based on limited video footage. I did say however in the Aunkai review thread that I'd like to try some of the stuff they do. I'd also find it interesting to train with them I'm sure, and I would welcome the opportunity to do so if it ever arose. I'm sure I would learn a great deal.

However. In the limited amount of footage I saw here:

With the exception of the kicks as I do not regularly practice them (but after seeing the video am keen to try doing so again), I am quite content to say there is nothing else here that I cannot do personally myself, it is no different than Ki Soc derived internal training as I see it from my perspective, and, the most importatant point of all: I'm not very good at these things. There are many who are much better.


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