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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

My opinion on where to start/look at internal training. These aren't in any order; I just numbered them to keep them easier to read. The most important part is to find someone and get hands on training. If that isn't possible, then these are just my suggestions for stuff to do until you get hands on training.

1. Read the threads about training the body by Rob John:

First thread:

Second thread:

If you're doing the ki exercises, I'd suggest trying Rob's exercises in a manner that integrates the ki exercise principles.

2. Read the baseline skillset thread here:
NOTE: Do NOT read any posts by Erick Mead and Justin Smith (statisticool). This will cut your reading down immensely and you won't be sidetracked. Pay close attention to posts by Dan Harden, Mike Sigman and Rob John. (I also find posts by Ledyard, Gernot, Cady, Ignatius, Hunter, Ellis, Moses, and Fong to be helpful.)

3. Read my thread about meeting Dan Harden:
It's long, but there are some posts that are worthwhile. I remember Rob talking about shiko and training in one post.

4. Search youtube for "aunkai", "akuzawa" or similar words. Study how the movements are done and try to integrate the ki exercises with them. Mike has also posted links to vids on youtube or googlevids.

5. Go over to E-Budo and Aikido Journal and search their threads for topics about internal training.

I notice that Akuzawa goes to Europe every now and then. Also, Mike has posted several names of those who know these internal skills. Dan has posted at least one name, too. Search AikiWeb for those names or ask Dan and Mike who they are. If I remember correctly, I think at least one has seminars in Europe, possibly elsewhere. Look into their seminars and see if any come close to where you are.

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