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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Kevin Wilbanks wrote: View Post
By contrast, imagine a machine, in which the person whose arm bendability is to be tested is limited from moving in the horizontal plane by a fixed steel ring circling the middle of their ribcage - not clamped, just limited from moving more than a half inch. Now, to test their arm bendability, we'll set up two bars. One will be positioned inside the elbow set to move radially downward and toward their waist using the position of their shoulder as the rough pivot point. The other will be underneath their forearm, set to pivot roughly radially to the other bar, toward the bendee's head/torso. Each bar will be fitted with a pneumatic piston capable of exerting 5000 pounds per square inch. Do you still think any human that ever lived would be able to demonstrate "unbendable arm"?
Kevin, I completely fail to see the point of talking what could or could not be done on a machine."Aiki" in terms of technique is about two alive energy systems. Take "grounding" for instance. You can put a bear hug on someone and lift him up. If he knows how to ground out, he can shift his energy such that he will feel vastly heavier to the person lifting. If you had him on a scale, his weight wouldn't have changed but effectively, in terms of the interaction between the two people, his weight would feel as if it did.

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