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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You said I should go to Essex to find it in your teacher.
I said no such thing. He lives nowhere near Essex.

I said that I thought you might find it interesting if you trained with him, I know I do. I am not challenging the world to come and 'test' him. Where did you get that from? Think you're reading more into this than there is. As for my "Neither is an inability to read" I could justifiably say the same of you based on your aggressive and adversarial mis-interpretations of what I have said here.

I haven't said ignore CMA. I have said it is interesting and that people who talk about it have interesting insights. Because they do (I used to do CMA before I found aikido remember). I have said also that there is plenty of this stuff in aikido too if you look for it. I know there is because I have seen it. I also not only condone cross-training in things like this. I positively encourage it in myself and my students. But I always find myself coming back to the aikido I learnt because it was there more than anywhere else I have encountered. Maybe I just met bad teachers in the other stuff. Who knows?

I will repeat one more time. This stuff is in aikido. 'It' has never left. 'It' isn't in every dojo or every teacher, shock horror statistic: 50% of aikidoka are of 'below average ability', well duh. Learning CMA is useful stimulating interesting and complimentary to aikido, learning MMA is useful stimulating and complimentary to aikido. Seeing yourself and what you do from different perspectives is a valuable insight to gain and I would recommend it.

Please stop telling everyone who does aikido that they are not doing aiki because some of them are. Please stop telling everyone in aikido they aren't good martialartists because some of them are. Respect us and our efforts, discuss these things with us by all means (they are interesting!), do not, please attack us and the art we love and care about because you haven't been lucky enough to meet some of the really good teachers of the art. Please DO offer helpful and constuctive views on aspects of our training in a polite friendly and respectful manner. Please DO continue to teach the things you know to people whose main art is aikido and help them improve themselves and their aikido.

Koichi Tohei said:

"Even a one-inch worm has a half inch spirit. Every man respects his own ego. Do not, therefore, slight anyone, nor hurt his self-respect. Treat a man with respect, and he will respect you. Make light of him, and he will make light of you. Respect his personality and listen to his views, and he will gladly follow you."

Please do not continuously dismiss the efforts fo other people who do not necessarily share your views on the art of aikido. I'm trying hard to listen to you. Please don't let what you're trying to say get lost in the noise.



"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."
-Martin Luther King Jr
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