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Re: Shihan vs Fighters

Michael Fooks wrote: View Post
What is Fedor's qualification to comment on Aikido?
I'd say when you are virtually undefeated against the toughest men who have ever entered a ring for MMA fighting, you are qualified to say what will and will not work in your ring.

Besides he's right, it can't work in the ring if nobody ever uses it in the ring.

If I was feeling a bit teasing I'd say who are the aikido shihans to say it would work in the ring? You could even throw out the, they are not qualified to comment on what will work in the ring until they have fought fedor type comments that a lot of traditional people throw out (If you haven't trainined with X shihan you can't comment this art sucks...)

I guess I am feeling a bit like teasing today

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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