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Re: Shihan vs Fighters

Thanks for the feed back Kevin.

Semantics, but I would stop short of saying aikido needs this type of event. There are those in aikido that would benefit from such an event though. The ones that have questions/concerns along these lines.

the challenge, as you point out, is dealing with the various paradigms and expectations and getting them straight.

I think it would take a great deal of prior discussion here on aikiweb or in some other format to get everyone CLOSE to the same sheet of music.

Frankly, you can accomplish this by going to any decent MMA school in your area and working with them, but there is a certain amount of dissonance, paradigms, and what not that need to be mentored and addressed that a typical MMA school simply does not understand from the perspective of an aikidoka, nor do they possess the vested interest to address.

I think that maybe someone like Jason Delucia, even though I don't know much about his aikido background, would be appropriate to host such an event. He does have a broad background in CMA/TMA and is one of the "orignial" MMAs

Reverse engineering all this discussion and thoughts leads to straight MMA or the basic concepts of Jeet Kune Do so in effect, it is circular logic.

For whatever reason though, when you throw MMA or JKD on the table, people seem to either move towards it...or run away from it.
Those that are left in the middle...are confused and become easy prey for the charletons and snakeoil salesman that have various wares they wish to sell for whatever reason!

I want to be clear to those that might be reading this without knowlege of my other post here on aikiweb. I am not proposign that there is ANYTHING wrong with traditional study of aikido. In fact, I think it is a wonderful practice. Nor I am advocating that JKD or MMA is the way for everyone to depends on what your goals in life and as a martial artist are.

I find value in both ways...for different reasons. I also find the methodologies to be mutually supportive and both keep you honest and your ego in check if approached properly.

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