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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: Shihan vs Fighters


I would characterize myself as somewhere in the dabbler/hobbyist range as a martial artist and not even remotely a fighter, so count me out. However, I think what you are proposing sounds very reasonable and, judging by the number of threads of this type I've seen here over a few years, sorely needed in Aikido, at least by a vocal, perennial minority. Although you have said that you are not a high-level teacher, it sounds like you have the vision and experience to facilitate this sort of thing. Instead of staging an 'event', maybe you should work up something more along the lines of a paradigm or procedure for how to make this a safe and doable thing for others, then do it more than once. You wouldn't need more, as the participants would teach each other and themselves with direct feedback. If you could make this something that a wide array of people could quickly learn the rules of and participate in safely, I think something like the Aiki Expos sponsored by this site would probably be the perfect venue to set up your tent...
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