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Re: High kicking

Hi Guys,
My first post so be gentle?. Are we talking high kicks from a sport or self defence situation?. Do not confuse the two ok. M.T I understand to be a sport, same as kickboxing etc. The older DO arts are based on tradition ie self defence and battlefield etc. First I would not kick anyone in the head except most extreme situation blah blah. Effective if you make contact but risky if you miss. Thats your choice. Take the consequences in a self defence situation. However, kicks would normally require a long range unless your rubber man or Bruce Lee. Most streetfights say after an argument start at talking distance say 2 /4 feet apart then rapid distance close down. You might not get the chance to kick. There are clues in traditional Karate where kicks are always low. Why?. Perhaps there is your answer unless you dismiss a whole style/art. There are no high kicks in any Kata ( a visual encyclopedia) of techniques. High kicks only became of use after intro of competition after the war. Hope this is of use. Thanks.
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