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Re: Shihan vs Fighters

Stan wrote:

from looking at the response this looks like a good topic for inquiry, we can also consider how many fighters that are sixty or seventy could handle internal martial artists of the same age on another note I donot think we have to wait to be sixty to have great internal skills I think Dan Harden is trying very hard to make that point. and to prove that point just look at wang hai jun my taiji teacher at 35 has some of the most powerful internal power and skills I have ever seen.
Really? i hadn't noticed!

Stan, so how do you define fighter? by what criteria do you judge a a fighter vice non-fighter?

How do you define success as a fighter?

I'd like a shot at "handling" a self defined internal martial artist of the same age (I am 42).

How do you define "handling" ?

what would be teh endstate to have to do to be judged as successfully "handling"?

constraints? limitations?

I really, honestly want to see how I measure up to the "internal" clubs standards.

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