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Re: kata for ashi sabaki

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I was fortunate to attend a seminar recently by Kubota Ikuhiro Sensei. He spend quite a bit of time teaching various kata for improving one's ashi sabaki (foot movement). Having been to a number of seminars by different sensei, this is the first time I have encountered such exercises in Aikido... although I know that some of the sword schools have specific exercises for ashi sabaki.

Does anyone have more information about exercises for ashi sabaki?

With regards to ashi sabaki, from my experience only the Shodokan, Yoshinkan and Judo school incorporate ashi-sabaki into their formal syllabus (i.e, you have grading on it).

Yoshinkan ashi sabaki comes in the form of kihon dosa. Surprise, surprise... Judo also do ashi sabaki, but my coach just call it leg movement. He doesn't have a Japanese name for it.

In my opinion, the Shodokan and Judo ashi sabaki is quite similar. Over to you Larry "ShodoThug" Camejo for further comment.


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