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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Stan Baker wrote: View Post
what dream, many of us in aikido have felt that the top aikidoist were on some high level control anybody with no effort. but in reality they would get there butts kicked by the best fighters.

I think i understand your statement/question. My response is two-fold:

First; comparing Aikido with other martial arts in competition, to me, is false logic. To me, Aikido is in a different category than competition fighting, operating within completely different paradigms. The 'dream' as you you put it, is the world you have suggested, where the top 10 anyone fights the top 10 anyone else.

Second; it's the individual who makes the most of the their training. there is no individual style of martial art that is superior. there is no 'all things being equal' in battle. the advantage comes to those who came prepared.

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