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Re: Shihan vs Fighters

Ok so I think Kevin L. has the best idea so far regarding the throwdown. If we are having one however I wanna be a referee. Or better yet, one of those guys who check the ring girls for concealed items. Should I call HBO?

I find these threads funny since the folks who actually throwdown using Aikido (including those I know personally who are also on Aikiweb) hardly if ever post anything in these threads. Apparently they don't have all the questions a lot of folks here seem to be having.

Maybe it's Aikidoka Magic Pill Syndrome - since there is not enough actual testing by many to find out what works and why, everyone is looking for a quick "upgrade" that will give them an edge, or alternatively a method of indicating that it was never designed to "actually work physically", removing the need for any "martial upgrades".

I guess the newest pill/fix is "internal skills" it used to be Atemi being 99% of everything at one time or training in Daito Ryu to get that martial edge. Of course there is nothing new about these things wrt Aikido they're just unseen, like most good things in MA I guess.

Have fun folks.


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