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As i have moved up in rank in my dojo i have had to teach all kinds of people but the one's i have the most trouble with are the one's who go "i can't " or "its to hard " and even better one "that person is to big"

now some of the ways were less then perfect by anymeans and really not in the best intest of aikido, when i first started to hear these phrases it was no big deal i had siad them my self a few times but every class i keep hearing it more and more and not only was it bugging me but it was starting to bug sensei and bring the class down.

so i started with the first person i found who siad them the most and i asked why can't you do it and they could not anwser me. when i workd with people who siad "i can't i would apply
Yonkyo untill they would pull there wrist away or do the technique is work some time but not all.

then i remembered and old saying
"if you think you can; or you think you can't your right" this helped out even more some got it some didn't

now at days i simply ask them "can you breath??" and when they say yes and laugh i say now do the technique and just remember its no harder then breathing.

i would like to know how others have handled similar problems
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