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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

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Let's take the "unbendable" arm trick. Supposedly, in a few years, most can do it, right? Now, let's take Tomiki's "unmovable" arm trick. If the people who were working on exercises that enabled them to do "unbendable" arm, then it follows that they should be able to do the "unmovable" arm -- provided that the exercises do train internal skills. How many people do you know that can hold their arm out in front of them and have someone push on their wrist from a 90 degree angle, with all their strength, and their arm will remain unmovable?

If the ki exercises were the same as the internal exercises, then people should be able to do both. After all, they can grasp and do the unbendable arm thing, why would it not follow that they should be able to do the unmovable arm thing?

I have yet to meet someone who, when 'correctly' (which is the key word here) performs the unbendable arm 'trick' is not also able to stop people moving their arm whilst pushing it from a 90 degree angle and/or suddenly reversing their applied force in order to do so. But since you raise the point I will try it next week at training and tell you what I find (I haven't tried it in that way for a while so I hesitate to answer confidently at present).



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