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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

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As for how well and how many. In any large group/organization there will be varying levels of excellence. Statistically speaking if you choose to categorize people as being either good or bad, then 50% of people will be bad.

If you re-read what I said then you'll notice that I just wasn't noticing that people were telling me the things that you said they need to be told.
i.e.: "student gets initial exercise which, regardless of how he interprets it, so long as he does what looks to be correct, then he has felt certain bodily sensations the teacher himself feels when doing it"
I simply didn't properly interpret these things, but that says more about me than the methodology, and like I said, I have seen too many people able to do these things who have had only a Ki Soc derived background to accept that the methodology doesn't work. How can it not work when everyone I've met who has more than a few years experience can do it?


Let's take the "unbendable" arm trick. Supposedly, in a few years, most can do it, right? Now, let's take Tomiki's "unmovable" arm trick. If the people who were working on exercises that enabled them to do "unbendable" arm, then it follows that they should be able to do the "unmovable" arm -- provided that the exercises do train internal skills. How many people do you know that can hold their arm out in front of them and have someone push on their wrist from a 90 degree angle, with all their strength, and their arm will remain unmovable?

If the ki exercises were the same as the internal exercises, then people should be able to do both. After all, they can grasp and do the unbendable arm thing, why would it not follow that they should be able to do the unmovable arm thing?

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