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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
It will be interesting to meet and see if that is indeed true. I've heard it before. So far, sadly, its always been dissapointing. I've not met anyone in Akido who -actually- has the level of skills I am pursuing. But I am hopeful. I'll research and find some Ki society people. Then see if they can use it in motion in full resistance, then with kicks, punches, chokes and body slams, and maintain it. You know Like you and I do with guys slamming us in MMA attacks and groundwork. You know, the level of understanding that you and I both share from experience.........
As I said , I'm excited. Any suggestions? Since you know everything I discuss- and really haven't heard anything new-
Can I start with you?
WTF? I've never actually said I can do all of this stuff. Only that I know what you are talking about. I'm trying, trying really hard to get better at it too, and like you say I'm not very old.

Why do you think that being sarcastic reflects well on yourself or your training? Do you think that such petty behaviour endears you and what you do to the people here? As to the rest, if you are as great as you and your supporters around here seem to think you are I've no doubt that you could beat the crap out of me, what would that prove? Only that I'm younger and less experienced than you. So again I ask what sort of ego driven ride you are on coming to an aikido forum to tell everyone that you practice the one true aiki way. That we should all be trying to do what you do (perhaps that is what I'm doing after all in my own way?)

If you really want to stretch yourself go to Exeter in south-west England, my teacher lives near there and I'm sure he'd be happy to show you what I'm talking about. I'll come and watch and hopefully learn something.

It is not an unreasonable question to ask why you are here and what you hope to achieve by being here. You have not answered those questions. Why? What has aikido done to you that you want to change the art to suit yourself? Like you said it's not my pool, but I'm pretty sure it ain't yours either, it's a public one and polite people don't piss in public baths.


"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."
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