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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

Interesting comments from Budd and Kevin.

Along the same lines is the harmonizing with the opponent when you are being "floated," in the top position.

Sometimes your contact with the ground is through HIS contact with the ground, and your contact with him. You start to move around to pass the guard, he floats you and the sweep begins, but you float your own hips around your contact point with him (shin, arm, elbow, what have you) bringing them around and basing (i.e. re-establishing contact with the ground ) so that his sweep actually floats you into a superior position as you take advantage of the points of contact.

From the bottom, its that feeling you get when every sweep you do puts him in a better position or opens another sub for him. Yikes!

I love it when that happens for me. Hate it when others do it to me!!
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