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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

If a seminar is held and there is no video evidence . . . does it actually happen?

A couple things that I've been thinking about regarding bjj/aiki/internal training . . .

1) The way a bjj player can 'float' someone while they are on their back is definitely something worth feeling and to me . . . very 'aiki', in that the goal is to fix your position, while in their guard, etc., with their structure and then using their contact points with the ground, get under your balance while letting gravity do the work.

2) Submission setups work best the same way, I use my structure/posture with the energy you're giving me to fix your position, then moving along my contact/base points derived from you AND the ground gets me in the position to apply a lock or choke. Do the same thing from the knees (something I need to practice more) and it's suwari-waza. Do the same thing while standing at arms length and it looks like aikido (except maybe not as pretty as someone that's leaping into the air for you).

I think the way this ties in with some of the things others have been talking about in the 'Internal' specific threads that have to do with training/wiring your body to maintain and move with its own alignment/structure and follow certain rules for receiving/generating power from the other guy and themselves. Though I admit up front I know "nothing" for sure and am speculating based on what others have said.

I've definitely appreciated those chiming in that have felt this stuff from some of the more vocal exponents (as well as those I've talked to personally). I'm much more likely to give them my attention than the person that trains in semi-isolation, yet insists "We do that too and always have done", but when pressed, can't contribute anything more substantial than, "It's sorta kinda this way but not really".

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on with some of the folks doing this stuff, but in the meantime, will continue training in accordance with trying to exceed my own teacher's expectations.

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