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News From the Skosses and

Early Spring 2007
Drum roll please....

I've just completed text files on our new book and anticipate (with greater than my usual accuracy) sending it to the printer by the end of this month. So, for those of you who have been waiting with bated breath.... I'm very pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Katori Shinto-ryu: Warrior Tradition by Otake Risuke, shihan of the Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu. The book is authorized by Iizasa Soke, and contains an entirely new translation of the text (with new sections on jujutsu, shuriken, and ninjutsu) that originally appeared as The Deity and the Sword. We've rearranged, added to, taken 850+ new photos, created new illustrations, and generally redesigned and reimagined (think Battlestar Galactica to get a idea of the scope of the differences) the original three volumes. The result is a one-volume bilingual (Japanese-English) hardcover edition, with 336 pages that will retail for US$75.00.......

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look for "news" likn on the left.
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