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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

I posted this in the External VS internal thread But thought better of it. I thnk it addresses Gerges comments...and my confusion over many conflicting statements given by those in AIkido.

Where do you find your answers if its not OK to train with Mike, rob or or me?
Where is the interal skills in Aikido's past? Where does the past lead?
You had a plethora of men surrounding Ueshiba, sitting there under his direct tutelage and many lectures. Yet oddly enough, probably his two best; Tohei and Shioda, went elsewhere for their own enlightenment. With those that remained clearly stating they did not understand him. What remains of Ueshiba is his pointed to two places. Daito ryu and esoteric Shinto practices.

On Aikiweb we read these arguments put forth by many in Aikido that only Aikidoka can really speak to Aikido issues. People are being told by teachers to look to Aikido teachers for their answers. Yet if we research and read even here we see:
1. Tohei pointing and even going elsewhere and then?
He left and started his own art.
2. Shioda pointing and going elsewhere and then?
He left and started his own art.
3. Ueshiba pointing and stating clearly that Takeda opened his eyes to true Budo. Then?
Ueshiba pointing and training esoteric Shinto and solo training- and then?
HE- left and started his own art.
Were one to follow the logic one would jump ship, find internal skills and then?
Leave and start their own art.

I'm still ruminating over George and Dennis's many comments about only Aikidoka being able to fix/work-on/adjust/modify or alter Aikido. Then being told to look back to the masters in Aikido. Many of whom are pointing everywhere else BUT Aikido. All while the student is being told …they…of course must not look anywhere else.
Where do they go to get a straight answer?
Now I read where some teachers are openly stating "Go train and steal it. And bring it back to alter/fix/adjust that.... which they- by their own admonitions state doesn't need to be fixed to begin with."
All while I read where Ikeda is now looking elswhere -like to Ushiro- for internal coaching
And now....just recently I read where some, George included, are stating it finally is ok to go get and bring back.
I think that's a pretty fair take on many of the positions written here. So, just who, is stating Aikidoka should do... what?
And what harm is there in a student openly admitting theyt went elsewhere?
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