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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Numerous, many in person. However if you read between the lines by those who would know you get clues. You might also find the "Pillars of Aikido" lecture series by Stan Pranin interesting...
Fascinating. I should not rely on a reasonably authoritative translation of a textual record at some point taken from spoken or written words of O Sensei, and at least approved by himself to be publsihed, but I should "read between the lines to get clues by those who would know." Hmmm.

Let me get this straight. Why then should I believe what Prof. Pranin says these people say, after all, he just made notes of conversations that were then approved for publication by these persons after his editing (or was that massaging and cherrypicking) Sauce for the goose ...


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