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Originally posted by shadow
In order to make points he often uses atemi, striking me sometimes in the kidney or another part....hard enough to hurt. He has also kicked other students in the groin in order to show a hole or flaw in the technique.
Does he had out with Seagal? Supposedly and heresay tell us that he does this on the set of his movies to make sure that the stuntmen are wearing their cups. Sheesh!

Glad to hear you bailed on that guy.

Originally posted by EdwardThere is no need to criticize him in such a public manner. I'm sure not so many Kiwi teachers are teaching in Australia and many people will recognize the person you're mentioning. That's not very good manners and could reflect on you.
Tough! Don't kick people in the nuts if you don't want people to say that you kick people in the nuts. Otherwise, expect people to talk about how you kick them in the nuts.

It's quite simple really and has nothing to do with manners.

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