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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Hi George
It has been my experience that writing and video....don't work. Even hands-on is often overwhelming. That said the only way I can share this stuff is hands on. Its small changes, over time. Even with guys now coming every month or so-the're sill doing things only in pieces. As you do things you realize as you were sustaining this or that-you left out this other piece. While stretching here- your weren't winding there. Or while moving you suddenly realize you were all in your thighs and forgot your spine. The funny part is the mental focus and the buzz, gives out before the body does. The one benefit I can guaranty- is that if folks do the work -they will change. Period.
As Murray and Ron have stated about my guys- "They all can do it to a degree and explain it- hands on." On recent visitor said it best at dinner. "It isn't you, Dan that gives me hope. Its your 28 yr old guy who got me to be able to do things I can't believe, your one year student, your dojo full of folks who can do.. We've all met or felt some incredible expert here or there-with skills we know we'll never achived. Your students, not you, made it real for me." I thought that was pretty cool. For the first time (though my guys trounced me quickly) I felt like a teacher.

So teaching on the net just doesn't work. But at least -as many know after asking for years- for the first time I'm willing to share. It was a certain mutual friend (a teacher himself) who made change my mind about sharing with people. I still haven't decided whether or not to thank him or kick him for that. I know I'm not up to the job-I suck at teaching, and I'm a nobody so I have to figure out how to grow into the job. As we all know at this age, it just means more screw ups, false starts and frustrations for moi....
I think it may be fitting that it is Aiki folks who are searching this out. And I think I am enjoying that so far. Its still new though. Lets see if I can avoid it screwing up my own goals.

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