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Re: Systema Workshop, Charlotte, NC area, April 14th

I echo Georges opinion-particularly about judging and training with those who know what they're doing- not low level students. As a side bar-I formed my opinions of the Aiki arts from training-WITH-Shihans.

As we have seen here with so many, including "teachers" naysaying this method and slamming that mode of training only to find out THEY themselves were the ones who were so full of S#$# after all-I'd suggest doubters go see.
Go to Toronto and tell Vlad you think his stuff is weak and you'd like to unload on him.

Again, I argue on two fronts. Internal skills or body work training and MMA. MMA being the great equalizer, and good body work as the best way to do anything.

I probably wouldn't be so strong about the Vlad "killing you with a punch" stuff. The human body in full resistance and- a trained fighter at that- can be difficult. MMa being the great equalizer- Vlad would not find many fighters at his level "easy pickin's." There would be a fight.
In a general sense - I don't like seeing semi-cooperative playing and rolling around and defending against a knife attack when the knife attacker just plain looks silly being considered fighting either. Training to "give aggression" so someone can play with the energy is training-not fighting. Fighting is fighting. Full resistance with fients, set-ups staccato broken rhythms and someone "playing" you with the intention of truly taking you apart is where the testing is.

In regards to systema I am equally -scratch that- I am more impressed by the spiritual and relational aspects and what I hear him teaching folks about embracing and forgiveness. Though I haven't met him- I like Vlad just by the message I hear him imparting to his closer students. I've enountered the like before. That message cannot be echo'ed, it has to come from a changed mind, through a great heart


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