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Re: Systema Workshop, Charlotte, NC area, April 14th

Robert John wrote: View Post
Just some food for thought that, even if you train under someone like Vlad, but you don't think for yourself, you can still end up like "#$t
I think what you should say is, "If you train under someone like Vlad, don't be too full yourself and make sure you listen to your teachers." I see Vlad's students all the time since we have a Systema school right next door. These are folks of tremendous ability...

The idea that everyone's out of shape... that's pretty funny as the guys I've trained with are some of the best conditioned people I've trained with. These guys do constant pushups, situps, and squats as part of virtually every class. They do them slowly using them to develop their breath control as well. These guys are hard as rocks.

The striking system they have uses energetic principles that are unlike anything I have seen. I have no doubt whatever that one of the senior guys could kill you with a strike that would look like nothing. Is it possible to have the best training in the world and still not get it? This guy is living proof.

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