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Evil Eyes Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Third Eye Meditation

Ok, third eye meditation, nobody has three eye's, clear, great! However, I've discovered this. Lay down and chill out (Relax), put a penny between your eyebrows so you have something to focus your attention on. Close your eye's. Force your eyes to roll up and try to look at the penny with your eye's closed.

Think of it this way, test my theory by closing your eyes, look to the right with your eyes still closed, press the tip of your finger against the the corner of your closed right eyelid by where your nose bridge and brow meet but right in the socket, roll your finger slightly and you can see the little green light of your right pupil rolling around under your eyelid.

So again focus your closed eyes on the penny, as your relax deeper in meditation, you reach the alpha state, where as someone previously stated is like a lucid dream. The lights of your pupils beneath the lids will become visible an begin to slightly roll around as in rem sleep. Focus yet still on the penny. As your concentration builds the lights will begin to come closer together and finally halt together as an eclipse, (inner eyelids are reflective, when faint light shines through your eyelids it bounces off your eyeballs and relatively inevidently reflects the image of your eyeball back.

When the lights cross the reflection of both eyes appears as on and you can see an eyeball with your eyes closed, not quite normal, but it will happen.

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