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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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Yeah, now you're talking!
Just to be clear those were my examples. From the very first night, when folks are juuust begining to learn, I have them start to feel it and do some small things in motion.
I understand the confusion. Rest assured these skills are free form and fluid in motion; whether expressed in Aiki-do Aikijujutsu or freetslye fighting. Static dills are for training only. Its like hitting a bag or rolling with a bag. In one way its training to change your body, in another just to test what your training. The rest is in motion.
Usually the first time I meet folks I have them try to throw us or lock us anyway they wish. Its not for a "look at me!" exibition- which are really bothersome and a pain- they are to show fellows that your not leading them-on into some dumb "ki" demonstration that is uselss in a fight.
My goals are to get folks doing these things then and there and give them ways to start to practice.
As for the practical uses usually me or one of my guys will start hitting a heavy bag or tossing follks. If it is AIkido folks-maybe showing various free relaxed movements and lock resistance. In MMA we do other things. One stellar by-product is heavy hands and an ability to resist takedowns. Realize that much of the training inlvoves exercises as well. THink of it like core training.
There is No corellation to core training- but it helps to think of it like that. Its like building the body... on the inside.
And it is the cornerstone of how Aiki is made. In-yo ho
Too many folks think of leading a push in a movement and call it aiki.
Aiki is first made in us

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