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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

There are a couple of others on the YouTube site where they are moving people all around without touching them. One of them tested it against a non-sychophant, non-student MMA person and got the crap kicked out of him. It "worked" with his students. So if this over-reactive, non-touch tossing the student all around the mat from a distance works, it can be subjected to scientific validation. I'm not talking about no touch throws in general-they have a lot to do with timing, mental connection etc. I'm talking about the over-reactive or maybe overacting is a better word seen on some of the sites-one guy "throws" his student from across the mat and then rolls him all over the mat. If they can do it, then I'm impressed and it can be subjected to scientific validation under controlled conditions. If they can do it, it should not matter whether the attacker is someone off the street or another martial artist. The one demonstrator apparently really believed he could do it or he would not have taken on the MMA guy. THe result was pretty ugly-he got a bloody face as a result and was actually hurt. I kind of felt sorry for him, although his skills were pathetic, I hate to see someone get beat up.

Timing, leading, mind connection, etc. can all lead to setting someone up and taking their balance. However, there has yet to be anyone able to prove psychokinetic abilities in all the years they have been claimed.
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