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Well, I'm sure many members of this forum, including myself, would love to practice with this Kiwi teacher. don't forget Aikido is a martial art after all, despite what many people would like it to become. Some harsh treatment by the sensei could be beneficial, even recommendable. As a martial artist, you should accept pain as a part of the training. Now, if you personally dislike this particular teacher, or you have something against his style, fine. Just don't practice at his dojo. There is no need to criticize him in such a public manner. I'm sure not so many Kiwi teachers are teaching in Australia and many people will recognize the person you're mentioning. That's not very good manners and could reflect on you.

As for the 3rd dan Karate beginner, in my own short experience in Aikido, there is no such person as a 3rd Dan Karate "beginner". They always come with something to prove, and sometimes I've seen teachers give them a small lesson to put them in their right place. An injured elbow, wrist or knee is not uncommon in Aikido and I can't remember the last time my body was free of such injuries.

Sorry for my a little too direct reply. I hope you'll take it in a positive way.


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