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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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Parlor tricks. These have little to nothing to do with martial skill. Remember, you fight as you train, and if you train to stand around while somebody takes whacks at you, guess what will happen...
Hmmm ... well, if you're training to fight, yeah, in certain circumstances, I guess I can agree with your post. I certainly wouldn't want to just stand there empty handed while someone tries to use a baseball bat to hit a home run using my head as a baseball.

However, if this is about fights, then heck, why not just pull out my trusty Sig, point it between the person's eyes and stop them in their tracks? Heck, if it's about fights, I can stand there all day long and let my buddy whump on them. Ooooh, wait, if it's about fights, I can practice my ninjer skills and throw knives and shuriken at them and not have to move. If it's about fights, I can have my 125 pound wolf at my side and then I really wouldn't have to move.

If you want to talk about fighting, that's fine. I can do that. But, really, sarcasm aside, I was talking about base training skills. Even if you are applying things to fighting, you don't just jump into the UFC ring with a Gracie and expect to hold your own. There are methods used. And if you've been using internal skill methods all along, for years, then you should have some measure of skill, right? That was what I was getting at. If you can do those things, hey, that's great.

As to martial skill? Well, I guess we disagree there, too. I think they add to training. But, hey, it's all IMO.

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