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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Mike Haft wrote: "As an example I recall Ellis Amdur writing something around here about Tomiki having a bunch of young judoka trying to move his arm and not being able to. He made note that it was not the Tohei style 'unbendable arm' exercise and described unbendable arm (but inaccurately)." It was Tomiki - not Tohei. The real issue was that the people were free to do ANYTHING to the arm, and couldn't. And - he then threw them - judoka - with just a subtle movement of the wrist.
Thanks for that. As I was saying, the Tohei unbendable arm exercise when done correctly should be the same as the example you gave of Tomiki doing it. Not only should the elbow be unbendable, but the wrist and the fingers and the arm should be immovable too, in any direction. The owner of the arm however should be able to move it at will in spite of what is being done to it. So, pretty much the same as the Tomiki story IMO.

Apologies for any confusion.



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