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Re: intimidation

Working as I do as a cabbie we generally have to take the subserviant role... that is be kind, considerate and sensitive to the customers requirements. That is ok ..... until you meet an impatient driver on the course or the end of the journey who has become road raged because you have had to stop in an unavoidably inconveniant place to help an invalid customer in a wheelchair from the taxi to their front door and sometimes into the house if the weather is bad.
I face this situation on a regular basis.... usually the driver is male and aggressive and always abusive with ranting and raving about what they are going to do with you physically! My usual response is to smile nod and agree with everything they say and if actually verbally threatened with physical violence... I look them straight in the eye and respond with "Well I'm not stopping you govenor" or say "I suppose your Father was a Carpenter wasn't he!" The 99.9% response is they just sometimes laugh deflate and wait. On the rare occasions that a driver has got out to try it on.... I intercepted with "I wouldn't do that If I were you govenor" the response every time time was "oh yeh and what the f***k are you gonna do about it".... my response was to stay still and calm as I could (feeling the adrenalin rush) said nothing but keep looking straight at them with a neutral attitude, hands at chudan, palms out.... the puffing of shoulders, quick movements, bearing of teeth and the usual hand gestures, aggressive pointing was the physical intimidation that something is about to happen.... that is the time I intercepted with an attack!... shomen ate or gyaku gamae ate sufficed beautifully as this puts them straight on their backsides, winded, with the minimum risk of injury. I always managed a strangled apology (your voice goes all thick) and said that they really didn't give me much choice. Either they were too deflated or too winded to do anything as the surprise of being "taken out" leaves them totally bewilderd!
That's when I have made my escape drove out of the way of harm, stopped and recovered from the shakes (the adrenalin dump) and immediately reported it to the police! So far no come backs! Similar scenarios have happened to me on three occasions in my 21 years as a cabbie. So they are rare.... thank goodness!
Now on the other hand at night when young punters are partially drunk, drunk or high on whatever obnoxius drug they have imbued are sometimes rude or aggressive or just being totally outrageous 'cause they haven't scored a leg over for the night! Usually they are eating and slopping a big fat kebab all over the place. This meets with a wry smile and impassive attitude. The doors are already locked so they can't get in.... unless they behave, wrap up their grub and do not give me a hard time, pay their fare! Either that or take a walk! ....they always do one or the other....
I sometimes think of writing a book on "The life of a cabbie that does aikido". Strange combination don't you think?
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