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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Mike Haft wrote:
I only question why you need to come here as a non-aikido person and tell us about it all and imply that we're not up to the challenge.

I wonder what kind of ego it takes to do that and I wonder whether it is someone I would want to listen to? I'm sure I risk missing interesting insights but.... respectfully, can you understand this point of view?
IIRC, Dan IS doing aikido.... just not what many here would define as their "aikido" or their perception of "aikido".

For someone who has yet to touch hands with Dan, Mike or Rob (one days guys, in this lifetime), I understand perfectly where they are coming from. I have tested my aikido against taiji, karate, jujitsu, judo, you name it.... and failed miserably. I had to do it the hard way and go back to the drawing board, working from first principles, starting right back at the basics, and even beyond the basics to arrive at where I am, where I can start to grasp the gist of what Dan and Mike are really saying and how it is particularly relevant to MY aiki training. IOW, I arrived at this (level of) understanding quite independently of knowing Dan or Mike.

Whilst I don't claim to be able to fully understand, know or even do what Dan and Mike (or even Rob) are saying to whatever level of competency, I do know that is where I want to take my aikido to the next level.

If you have no desire to accept what Dan or Mike are saying, then tune out. But for the rest of us that do... they are an important part of our own learning and development process.

"Teachers" come in many forms... they don't all have to be dressed in the appropriate attire or have the charisma and charm of Tony Robbins. That said, I don't believe that either Dan or Mike are "teaching" anything, much less proselytizing. They're simply sharing and exchanging information... or debating the validity of that information... as we all are.

On a metaphorical level, I see what they are doing as creating aiki in that they are playing uke... it's what you do with that "gift" that's important....

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