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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

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That would be the one

I doubt he will chime in, but you never know. I am just really PO's that I wasn't there to watch. Tom has been wuppin my but for years and I would have loved to watch him get stuffed by Dan.

I just talked to Stan B. and heard it was pretty interesting!

Tom Was fun. I'll let him tell you guys about it. I did all the blah blahs… The training was fun. Tom had a good body sense and I felt he got a good basic feel for both absorbing, weight transfer and actively moving under continual stress load. Pretty good for one night. On top of all that he’s Special forces so he’s aready A-1 in my book. I did the typical let them try to throw me using any Aikido waza or blend or irimi. Had some fun with Nikkyo and Sankyo and particualty kotegaeshi They both came along nicely so we played a bit on the ground and what not.

I tell ya the conversation after was most interesting. They both were looking at a model Of how this will change their aikido. Tom was chewing things over about how to have it effect his dojo, considering its effect on his personal aikido. There was a logic string to the discussion (got to love the military mindset) Him thinking things through, to training himself before his students, or to training with them, what effects, what’s more efficient for transmission. His mind was whirling and planning in such a way and with such intriguing questions that brought in single individuals-to-dojo to multiple ramifications of what this Aiki does to Aikido. He was a real thinker. I was impressed.
I just talked with Stan and they’re coming back in a couple of weeks so I’ll let you know.

In the greater topic of the thread this is just another example of Aikidoka making their personal choices of what to do. Its really not about me. As Ron so aptly quoted me- I care more about what you guys are going to do on your own turf and in your own personal expression. Each of you becoming somebody substantial to reckon with- though your personal expression of your Aikido.
Should be an interesting couple of years

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