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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

I think I need to restate something in a concise form here, as there is a possibility of misunderstanding.

a) I am in no disagreement with Dan or Mike about their level of expertise or that these teachers have a great deal to offer us; they are an asset to the threads here on Aiki Web

b) I wish to leave no doubt in anyone's minds that I believe that what these guys are talking about and teaching was part of the essential skill set which O-Sensei had and frequently demonstrated

c) I will go out of my way to train with these guys myself and would happy to have either one of them teach at my dojo so my students could benefit

d) I would recommend to any serious Aikido practitioner that they do the same

I do not want to be perceived as speaking for some hypothetical "opposition" as I do not see myself in opposition with these guys. I actually agree with them for the most part. What I have posted previously should be understood in this context. I have some different ideas but do not see these as standing I opposition to their ideas. At times I have tried to put the ideas of other folks who I know to be out there into form. But that should not be misconstrued as oppositional on my part. I am just trying to throw some more ideas out there. Especially when I know there are folks out there who are thinking those things but will not post them themselves.

I do most of any negative communication I feel necessary via private e-mail. I do not feel that I need to do that in a public forum. To do so creates little possibility for eventual movement in the relative positions. But, in case my attempts at communication privately didn't get through clearly enough, I wanted to be as clear as possible on this topic and do so in public.

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