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In this breathing method I was taught to incline my body forward and "breathe out one more breath" after I had finished exhaling from my mouth. And, likewise I was told to tilt my head back and take "one more inhalation" into my abdomen once I had finished inhaling through my nose. I trained fervently exactly as I was taught. But it is not possible to exhale when there is nothing left to breathe out. This is the same for inhaling and makes for an extremely uncomfortable state. In spite of this I forced myself to sit in "seiza" and train in this fashion for 1 hour every night before going to bed reminding myself that the great people who had come before me had struggled with this pain and discomfort.

to be continued ...

Tohei goes on for a couple paragraphs about joining the army and not being able to do this breathing method while marching. So, he came up with a new breathing method. I'll post that one next.

After giving it some thought I came up with a new approach. Instead of leaning forward and straining out a final breath, I would look straight ahead, keep my mouth open and count off 4 steps while keeping my body still and relaxed. Then I would close my mouth and begin inhaling through my nose. When the inhalation was completed I would then also count off 4 steps. Even if it is not perceptible to your senses, by doing this, one's breath continues on infinitesimally throughout this relaxing and comfortable breathing cycle. Up to this point the breathing method had been a torment because each breath would come to a stop due to tension that would enter the body following each inhalation and exhalation. Correctly done the breathing method can be carried out pleasantly even while marching if one doesn't allow the breath to stop ("Teishi" in Japanese) but rather allows it to become infinitely calm (Seishi)

... skip a few paragraphs ...

Unfortunately the Misogi breathing method that is being carried out at present differs from the one left behind by Masakane Inoue. In light of this, I have termed the breathing method that I teach and which corresponds with the laws of the Universe as "Ki breathing".

Gotta run ... hope that helps. Check out Sigman's post here on AikiWeb because he posted about this section, too. Somewhere.

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