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Wink Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

What does one do when confronted with new information; investigate or deny it?

Ask yourself about the blindfold? Do you really believe this man would have so little integrity as to stage this? Kimball Sensei says that his Dan test consisted of suwariwaza randori with a blindfold on. Think about it - O'Sensei had to do his practice with something other than strength when he was close to 80 with cancer. This is possible!

From my own experience I was studying Yoshinkan Style Aikido (non-affiliated) with a fire breathing dragon of a 5th Dan, Sensei Mike Germany (now Genshin). I believe he can do these things but I think he believed it could only be achieved through hard training over many years, because that's the way he learned. I'm older (50) and the hard training was breaking my body down, not building it up. I was wondering how I could survive 10 years to my dan test and the route practice was leading to very little progress over a long period of time. I had stopped all other physical activities (even standing because of the pain) when by chance on a business trip I visited Komyozan Dojo in Boise.

It changed my life. After 21 years in the same town I sold my business, sold my home, and I moved. And as suggested I'm not easily brainwashed or swayed.

There was never a truer statement made than when Sensei Barrish said that Ki Waza is "easier to learn because your cells already know the story!" I've been in this practice 6 months. My body is healing from the injuries sustained by the thousands of the break falls, my core strength is growing, my skill level has increased exponentially, and my mind is becoming less likely to pull away and stiffen during battle. The practice is becoming me.

It really works the way O'Sensei described it. In the moment of the attack an imbalance is created in the universe and the outcome is already decided. The attacker's Ki contracts and Nage's expands to fill the void. You only need to develop the skill set to sense it and apparently with much experience it can be done blindfolded.

As uke your breath is taken away, nage becomes a phantom, entry is no longer possible, and confusion reigns. The grunts, groans and vacant looks all happen as a result.

Judging from the responses to Ken Zink's question I would assume the answer is that only a handful of people know about this training and even fewer teach it. Making it hard or impossible for people to believe what they see.
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