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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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Well, I certainly agree with all that. But, I was under the impression that Ellis isn't doing aikido currently. And that was one complaint -- that certain people weren't in aikido. So, to discount that in some yet not discount it in others seemed hypocritical to me. Course, I could be wrong.

Actually Ellis still does Aikido if you count the seminars he has done at various aikido schools, the active relationships he has with various senior aikido teachers, the Aikido instructional DVD he put out, the aikido classes he taught at the Aiki Expo. I have participated in Aikido classes taught by him. It was quite obvious that he had a great deal of experience in aikido waza and he had something interesting things to say, show, etc. I may not agree of everything he says but he doesn't ask you to and what he shows provides interesting productive IMO lines of thought and practice.

One of senior students who had a injury that was turning out to be chronic was able to continue because of stuff he adapted from Ellis's DVD in the discussion of ukemi.

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