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Re: The Bird That Couldn't Fly

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I am sorry Robert, but I do not post with your viewing satisfaction in mind. Feel free to place me on ignore.
And why you guys gotta be tankin on the Shaolin myths. I was raised on Kung Fu. Sheesh, can't a monk get any respect?
Hmmm ... well, a bird uses the force of a push to launch itself into the air. As the bird drops weight and bends it's knees (do birds have knees?), it creates a force vector from the ground under it's feet (do they have feet?) and pushes in a resistant manner upwards to temporarily overcome gravity. Therefore, the bird is not doing aikido as it is using resistance in its movements.

Now, let's take the person holding the bird. The bird must use force to achieve liftoff. If the person is highly sensitive, then he can feel the minute adjustments in the bird's demeanor and pick up the intent before the bird ever moves. Then, at the point of movement, the person uses his rotational wrist to send micro adjustments to his hand. He also uses his body's rotational movement to slightly drop his center such that the bird can now no longer gain a force resistant push against the hand. Even though the bird pushes with all its strength, the rotational micro movements of the man counter the bird. The man and the bird have harmonized. Therefore the man is doing aikido.

Mark (snarkily satirical)
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