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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Training and Aikido.

Even the first students had their own way of training and bickering and breaking of traditions and going their own way.

So, I'll just say that my training is different than Erick's or Ricky's and let them go along their own way. I think enough's been said for now.

I lean more towards Cady's and Ledyard sensei's views, which I think in the end are fairly close.

Seems Ron and I agree fairly often, so I take that as a compliment.

And, after meeting Dan, Mike, and Rob, I think what they offer in the way of training in "baseline skills" or "internal stuff", however you want to describe it, is valuable. It's a skill that should be in Aikido, IMO.

And I find that I have a slight sense of loss for those who kept butting heads with Dan and Mike. I'll be the first to say that I thought I had an idea of what they were talking about, then after a few posts I started to realize that I really didn't. But, I kept an open mind about it all and finally met them - and Rob. What I found were great people having fun training. They were open and fielded a lot of questions. Some of the conversations I had were about Ueshiba, aikido history, pre-war students, aiki, etc. In fact, even if I had found that these skills didn't belong in aikido, meeting Dan, Mike, and Rob and the conversations I had would have been worth it all.

For all those who take the view of not wanting non-aikido people giving advice on how aikido is supposed to be ... *sigh* ... yeah. A lot there to go over.

1. I have no idea of Dan, Mike, Rob, Akuzawa's backgrounds to any detailed degree. I have an overview (more so than the naysayers, but then again, I kept my cup large enough and empty enough for it to be filled), but nothing detailed. How much do the naysayers really know, then? Just what's been posted, Mike=Tai ji, Rob = Aunkai, Dan = MMA, Akuzawa = Aunkai. yeah, a whole lot of info there to base decisions upon.

2. How often do you take advice from people outside your field? Have children that are in t-ball, softball? Make sure the coach is playing softball or baseball. Have children, then don't take any advice from anyone who doesn't have children. Olympic athletes, don't get coached by anyone not doing what you're doing. Musicians, make sure you aren't taking advice on how to play from someone who doesn't play the instrument you're playing. Don't go to a psychiatrist at all because chances are they have never had or gone through the problems you're having. Get the picture?

3. Don't be a Kano. After all, why would you want to be like someone who was completely outside aikido, yet went, saw, liked what he saw, and gave compliments. Better yet, sent students to cross train. Nah, just shut it out completely because, really, that upstart Ueshiba isn't doing Judo. What would he know about Budo?

4. Oh, definitely don't be an Ueshiba Morihei. I mean, how can someone completely outside of what you're doing give you advice on your martial art and Budo training. How dare that meddling Deguchi influence Ueshiba. Deguchi knew nothing of martial art training. Nor was there any need to bring in any other martial art. Aikido is all he needed. Why bring in KSR sword training and watch it at all? Those people don't know aikido and certainly can't influence the founder.

5. No. No one outside aikido can possibly have anything at all -- only those in aikido can influence or say how to do it. So, let's just throw out all those people doing koryu alongside aikido and finding that the koryu training is actually helping them understand aikido better. Aw, hell no. Toss that right out. Koryu can't possibly do that. Only aikido teachers can know what's best for aikido, and that has to come from within aikido.

Training? yeah, I'll stick to my training and hope that I get to train with the people I have been training with. They're a great group and have a lot to offer. I'm thankful that they put up with me.

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