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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

[quote=Jo Adell;171829]Mark

What I object to is people do not Practice aikido telling how to do aikido.


I can see how that could bother someone. But remember that these are people that used to do aikido, and one of them also has quite a bit of experience with Daito Ryu, the root of all aikido.

3 year ago while i was still a gung ho aikidodoka, I would probably be making the same arguments as everyone eles here that has it out for Dan and Mike. But having left the fold, switched over to judo and now having the pleasure of training with Dan I am a true beliver. These skills do not exist in aikido today, or atleast the wide range of aikido I have been exposed to. When I was doing aikido I trained with a teacher that was just recently promoted to Shihan by Doshu and the aikikai. My teachers teacher, who I trained with frequently was an Uchideshi of O'Sensei and very well known for his powerfull waza. So i would say that I was training with people that knew what they were doing. While I respect these teacher very much and consider them to be some of the best aikidoka in North America. I have never felt in them what I have felt from Dan and his students.

At their best, I would describe my teachers as great technicians with the ability to blend with ukes center and work around ukes strength. Maybe this is what aikidoka think of as Ki. But with Dan and his guys it is much different. They don't blend with ukes center, they don't need to, they totally disrupt it from the instant you make contact with them. Its as if as soon as you touch them they suck in all you energy and then shoot it back at you two fold while at the same time being totally loose and relaxed. At times it can be quite startling.
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